UVMARC Technician Class License Course

Starting January 7th, 2019
Classes are from 6:00pm until 8:00pm
Classes will be held Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Fridays

The Technician Class amateur radio license is the place where everyone starts their journey in this hobby. Our courses are taught by Brandin Hess, AL6I who is dedicated to the amateur radio service and brings a tremendous amount of practical knowledge into the classroom. Through his careful teaching, mentoring and patient approach, anyone who takes a class from him will see first hand the level of pride and professionalism that is shown in his craft. Anyone who is not licensed and has interest is recommended to take a class from him. Our course starting January 7th, 2019 will cover all of the important topics required for one to pass and earn their Element 2 exam, or Technician Class amateur radio operator license. Topics in this course will include the following:

a.) FCC Rules, descriptions, and definitions for the Amateur Radio Service, operator and station license responsibilities
b.) Operating Procedures
c.) Radio wave characteristics: properties of radio waves; propagation modes
d.) Amateur radio practices and station set-up
e.) Electrical principles: math for electronics; electronic principles; Ohm’s Law
f.) Electrical components; circuit diagrams; component functions
g.) Station equipment: common transmitter and receiver problems; antenna measurements; troubleshooting; basic repair and testing
h.) Modulation modes: amateur satellite operation; operating activities; non-voice and digital communications
i.) Antennas and feed lines
j.) Electrical safety: AC and DC power circuits; antenna installation; RF hazards

The class is $75 and fee payment is due the first day of class. If you do not have the ARRL Technician Class Manual, there will be an additional fee of $35. You can register by filling out the form below. Minimum required to hold a class is 10.

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