K1UVM Repeater

The United Veterans of Maine ARC operates a club repeater and is also available for access via Echolink. Listed below is the pertinent information for using our repeater:

Frequency: 444.400MHz
Offset: +5MHz
CTCSS / PL Tone: 241.8Hz

Echolink Node Callsign: K1UVM-R
Echolink Node Number: 197409

Our repeater provides coverage to the following communities in Aroostook County:

Fort Fairfield
Loring AFB
Madawaska Lake
Mars Hill
New Sweden
Presque Isle

Be advised that coverage may not be completely available in these communities, however we can mention that the repeater does provide general coverage. Best way to find out if you can hear our repeater....program the frequency and give it a whirl! If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.

Our club repeater is open to any licensed amateur radio operator holding a Technician class or higher license in the United States. There is a three minute timer per transmission and a 500 millisecond squelch tail at the end of each transmission. If you hear the tail, then you can access the repeater. Do make sure that you wait until the squelch tail completes its cycle before transmitting, otherwise you will not make the repeater. Thanks for your understanding!

Site current as of June 11th, 2019