Aroostook County Nets

There are four nets that are held during the week here in Aroostook County on various repeaters. Listed below are the current nets here in the County:

7:00pm - UVMARC Weekly Net (aka K1UVM Weekly Net)
K1UVM Repeater, 444.400(+); 241.8Hz CTCSS
Alternate Net Frequency: 146.560 Simplex; no PL Tone
For more information and net schedule, click HERE.
This alternate frequency is in place to keep the net going if our repeater is down for any reason at the time our net runs.

7:00pm - St. John Valley ARA Weekly Net
N1SJV Repeater, 146.640(-); 100.0Hz CTCSS

8:00pm - Aroostook ARA Weekly Net
K1FS Repeater, 146.730(-); 123.0Hz CTCSS

If anyone has a net in Aroostook County and would like to have it listed, or need something changed, please contact us by clicking HERE.

Site current as of June 11th, 2019