A little history and our vision of UVMARC

The United Veterans of Maine ARC had been established in June 2018 with the sole purpose of serving. Just as many of us have served our country in uniform, a group of amateur radio operators have come together with a common interest to carry on with serving in another capacity. In serving our community, our county and northern Maine as a whole, UVMARC has an express goal to establish and maintain a standard in the amateur radio service that has been missing in our region for several decades.

This club is in direct partnership with the United Veterans of Maine. You may view the website for our partner organization here. The United Veterans of Maine has begun to develop a goal to help veterans and those who are on active duty service with creating an environment where amateur radio can be the link that gives many who have, or are currently serving a means to continue their service in a much needed capacity. With the dedication and support of United Veterans of Maine, it is providing the catalyst needed to push this club forward in a way that has never been seen before and the best is yet to come!

In light of our club's newly established standard comes with some core values that have been drilled into the minds and hearts of anyone who has served their country in uniform. Those values are: honesty, integrity, selfless service and personal courage. The United Veterans of Maine ARC accepts nothing less for raising the bar, especially in times of rendering communications aid when we are needed the most.

Our club was established in June 2018 with the founding members being: John DeVeau as President (AL8E), Dana Jones as Vice-President (N1RTX), Darius Haskell as Director (WM1F) and Jonathan Limary as Director (N0JKL). Since then, we have made an adjustment to our board, thus adding Brandin Hess (AL6I) as a Director, who has taken the place of Darius Haskell (WM1F).

Some of the achievements for our club thus far include setting up a repeater, establishing a working relationship for frequent license examinations and developing an emergency communications plan for our membership. It is our intent to grow, especially with our desire to maintain a standard to be unprecedented for our region. We are active in offering continued education, to include licensing classes, portable operating and much more. We will also be active in public service, to also be a participant in winter and summer Field Day.

While we are still growing, our hope is to attract new members who share the same passion for amateur radio as UVMARC. Our unwaivering commitment to service, supporting our county and highest level of professionalism will carry this club for many years to come. If you are interested in joining us, please download an application, fill it out and mail your payment with the application.

Links to our club's Constitution and By-Laws are also below and it is highly recommended that you read through them before filing your application for membership to gain understanding of our club's direction and vision. If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

Club Membership Application

UVMARC Constitution
By-Laws and Constitution (pdf format)

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