United Veterans of Maine ARC to use the Anchorage VEC for amateur radio license testing

Dated: January 4th, 2019

In December 2018, the United Veterans of Maine Amateur Radio Club's Board of Directors voted unanimously to make the switch to Anchorage VEC for our amateur radio license testing. There were many reasons why we made the change, all of which will benefit our club and candidates as well. Here are some of the immediate changes you will need to be aware of:
  • Anchorage VEC charges a fee of $15.00, payable by credit or debit card, which reserves your seat at the exam session. You can retest if needed and another fee will not be imposed. You can also take more than one class of license examination in the same session for no extra charge.
  • To ensure that we have a sufficient number of VE's for a session, Anchorage VEC requires you pay the testing fee on their web site prior to walking in the door to take your exam. Without a receipt, you will not be taking a test. This is another way of letting us know who is coming.
While there is now a fee for testing, we want all prospective candidates to be made aware that our policy pertaining to testing sessions will not change. We remain committed to providing candidates the best service in our effort to preserve and uphold the integrity of amateur radio.

The reason for a testing fee is to assist with the overall operations for the VEC itself. We are all volunteers and the fee helps ensure that we can cover costs such as printing examinations and other materials that explicitly pertain to testing.

Our switch to Anchorage VEC will not lengthen the time it takes for a person to get their license. In fact, candidates will have the same fast service as before and in some cases, even faster response times for a new license or upgrade!

As a closing statement, we want you to know that our club's mission to get more operators will always stand, no matter what. We will remain dedicated to the amateur radio service and to be given an opportunity to make our mark in northern Maine will be a huge asset to residents in the County for many years to come!

If you have any further questions, please contact us.

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