Amateur Radio License Testing

The United Veterans of Maine ARC is proud to offer testing for all classes of amateur radio license. We have adopted several policies that, when understood by the candidate, provide sufficient information regarding the methodology involved. We have worked hard to establish policies for our testing that make sense and allow for any candidate to take a test in an environment where the examiners will treat the individual with respect, courtesy and dignity.

On this page you will see our testing schedule, documentation requirements for testing as well as a detailed explanation on what you will expect at any of our testing sessions. We encourage you to read through this carefully. We also encourage you to fully understand that, while our hope is to see you earn your amateur radio license or upgrade, there are mandates set forth in Part 97 of the FCC rules dictating how we are to administer your examination. In addition to the rules set forth by the FCC, our supporting VEC's each have policy set in place that are meant to help solidify compliance to Part 97 of the Commission's rules.

Lastly, as VE teams, we are given the ultimate responsibility to ensure that all of these rules are followed by preserving the integrity of amateur radio. Providing a quiet environment where our candidates can take their exam and offer a warm welcome into the amateur radio family for new licensees is a standard that the United Veterans of Maine ARC will stand on for years to come!

Testing Schedule and Policies

Please be advised that pre-registration is REQUIRED for all of our testing sessions. Also, there is a fee of $15.00 for the testing session, payable through the Anchorage VEC web site to secure your seat. You need to pay for the test before registering on this site. You may pay for an upcoming session by clicking HERE. You need the four digit receipt number from the Anchorage VEC web site to complte your session registration with us here.

If you have circumstances that prevent you or someone you know from registering or paying in advance, please contact the club testing liaison, Brandin Hess (AL6I) by telephone at (907) 987-6716 to make other arrangements. If he does not answer initially, please leave a message and your call will be returned as soon as possible. You may also send him an email direct by clicking HERE.

Advance registration allows us to adequately prepare for a testing session. Our testing sessions are held on the third Friday of every month at 6:00pm. All testing currently offered by UVMARC grants us the opportunity to get your license or upgrade FAST! Click HERE to regsiter for an upcoming session and we look forward to seeing you!

What you need to bring...

One of the most common questions we get pertains to the documentation required for testing. UVMARC adheres to a strict policy outlining the necessary documentation, as we believe establishing a standard will give candidates the motivation to be prepared in advance. To read through the items you need to bring, please read the attached document, effective Monday, January 14th, 2019 by clicking HERE.

What to expect...

Coming to a testing session for amateur radio licensing can be an exciting time, or for some can be a nerve racking experience. Everyone will go through different emotions, as some candidates don't want to feel like a failure. Testing here will give you the needed environment to concentrate on the task at hand, which is for you to pass your examination. When you come in, here is what you will expect:

1.) A greeting...we will always greet you with kindness and make you feel welcome. Most of us, at some point, were in your situation. Knowing the challenge that lies ahead, we strive to make sure you can be as comfortable as possible by giving you a good welcome.

2.) Form of the first forms you will fill out is Form 605. This is an application that anyone will need to fill out if you are taking a test, doing an administrative update or renewing your license. You will be given that form and need to fill it out LEGIBLY or else we will not input the data into the computer for submission to the FCC.

3.) Presentation of identification...after you have completed your Form 605, you will be asked to show a form of identification as listed above prior to being given an exam. We can not administer your examination without meeting the identification requirements. This is to protect you and the integrity of amateur radio. Once you have provided positive identification, three of our sitting Volunteer Examiners will look it over and compare the data with the Form 605. If everything is completed to the satisfactory of the VE team, your identification will be returned to you and an examination will be given.

4.) Exam will be given your examination, if that is what you are here for. There is no time limit on an examination. We will not rush you. That is not why we are here. Amateur radio license examinations are not meant to be similar to a standardized test, where time limits are imposed. We encourage you to take your time. Once you have completed your examination, you will pass the exam packet and answer sheet to one of the Volunteer Examiners, or simply raise your hand and we will come and get it from you.

5.) Grading the this point you will have completed your exam and the VE team will need to grade it. If there is a large crowd of people then your patience is certainly needed. Remember, we are volunteers and will get your examination graded as quickly as possible. Once your exam has been graded, you will be promptly informed of the result. If you did not pass, here is our policy for retesting:
  • a.) For the Technician class exam, we will let you retest one time if you were within 5 questions away from passing.
  • b.) For the General class exam, we will let you retest one time if you were within 5 questions away from passing.
  • c.) For the Extra class exam, we will let you retest one time if you were within 8 questions away from passing.
  • NOTE: If you fail your second attempt, your Form 605 will be returned to you with an invitation to come back and try again at our next scheduled testing session. If you pass, here is what happens next:
6.) Taking the next class of license exam, if applicable...if you passed your first exam, congratulations! We will gladly allow you to take the next exam if you feel ready to try. In fact, you are welcome to take all three exams if you wanted. If you do not want to take the next test, we will not be offended if you say no. If you decline to do that, or if you pass your test, here is what happens next:

7.) Issuing a Certificate of Successful Completion of Examination, or CSCE for short...we will be issuing you a CSCE proving that you passed the element(s) that you came to test for. This certificate is valid for 365 days from the date of issue. You will verify that the information is correct, after the results have been certified and signed off by three volunteer examiners. Once your certificate is completed, you will sign it and off you go!

8.) Learning more about our club (optional)...while we would love to have you stay for a while after testing, we would certainly understand if you have other obligations. If you are interested in our club you may certainly browse this site, as it is updated regularly. If you would like to talk with someone in person, please don't hesitate to ask one of the volunteer examiners after the testing session and we will be glad to answer any questions that you have.

9.) Last, but not least...a handshake. We do like to shake the hands of any candidate that comes in to take and pass an amateur radio license examination. We feel this is a good way to simply congratulate you on the achievement and look forward to hearing you on the air!

Site current as of March 21st, 2019