UVMARC Board votes to remove membership restriction
Dated: 25 FEB 2019

At our monthly board meeting held on Sunday, February 24th, the United Veterans of Maine ARC board of directors met with lots to discuss. Some of those things included sustainability going forward, getting amateur radio out to others who may not know about it and ways we can train operators to better understand amateur radio after passing their test. One of the other things that was brought up was our policy on membership.

Since we started, our club had very strict guidelines pertaining to how we accepted new members into our club. On Sunday, that was changed. A discussion on how our cluv would grow and obtain more use out of our repeater was brought to the table. Talk on being too restrictive on our policies was mentioned. So, a motion was put on the table to eliminate one of our membership policies. The UVMARC Board of Directors voted unanimously to abolish the policy that pertained to a person not being allowed to join another club.

We beleive that allowing someone to be a member of another club will give them an opportunity to gain more from the amateur radio hobby and also give our club additional voices in our mission to become a driving force for many years to come. Effective Sunday, February 24th, 2019 the United Veterans of Maine Amateur Radio Club will now accept applications for membership from any licensed amateur radio operator, regardless of membership with other clubs in northern Maine.

Further, and we will continue to mention this, we do have a club repeater in Caribou that is also OPEN to anyone holding a Technician class amateur radio license or higher. We strongly encourage the repeater be used as it does cover a large area. If you have any additional questions, please don't hesitate to contact us via email by visiting our CONTACT page. Thanks for reading!

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