Aroostook County Nets

There are four nets that are held during the week here in Aroostook County on various repeaters. Listed below are the current nets here in the County:

7:00pm - UVMARC Weekly Net (aka K1UVM Weekly Net)
K1UVM Repeater, 444.400(+); 241.8Hz CTCSS
Alternate Net Frequency: 146.560 Simplex; no PL Tone
See K1UVM-A in our EMCOMM plan.
This alternate frequency is in place to keep the net going if our repeater is down for any reason at the time our net runs.

7:00pm - St. John Valley ARA Weekly Net
N1SJV Repeater, 146.640(-); 100.0Hz CTCSS

8:00pm - Aroostook ARA Weekly Net
K1FS Repeater, 146.730(-); 123.0Hz CTCSS

6:00pm - Aroostook County Weekly Skywarn Net
K1UVM Repeater, 444.400(+); 241.8Hz CTCSS

If anyone has a net in Aroostook County and would like to have it listed, or need something changed, please contact us by clicking HERE.

Site current as of March 21st, 2019